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POP Missions

is designed and utilized by everyone involved. Truly decentralizing  Philanthropy while creating an AI powered Daily Universal Basic Income plan globally.  

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use blockchain technology with Automated Liquidity Pooling, we create a UBI Plan at a simple 500,000% APY income rate using Deflationary Currency measures.

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Find out more about us as we begin to “Educate while we Initiate” this ground breaking technology in a grass roots fashion. Reinventing reciprocity from peer to peer.

About POP Missions

Who We Are

We are a mix of Finance, Technology, and Philanthropists that saw an increasingly disparaging issue developing online. 

While many were gaining fame, notoriety and followers,  using Philanthropy as the stepping stone for selfish personal gain we saw the need for demanding decentralization.

Our Mission

Allow Philanthropy to prosper using transparent blockchain technology.

Peer needs are acknowledged immediately

Reciprocity by humans both emotionally and finanancially.

Benevolent altruism and philanthropy with absolute confidence.

What We Do

We make a difference in the lives of people at any time in their life. Meeting their needs eases their burden. We do this using distributed ledger technology removing the need for personal information, vetting, and acknowledgements.

It’s not about any one person. It should and always has been about making a difference by building a community of support. Giving the community Technology that creates transparency. So we can all make a positive impact.


People freely take part in our environment and undertake tasks helping each other with great confidence!


Using Blockchain Technology, we tokenize not only requests, but fulfillments as well. Reciprocity assigns value.


Time and technology allows us to “Donate” without receiving a single dime in traditional currency at all. And yes we help financially!




% of APY

Why Choose Us

Why join #popmissions? The idea of POP Missions came to fruition because of a grass roots effort to simply put into practice the act of helping people in need. We believe in acknowledging each and every need great or small without prejudice. POP Missions goal is to perform genuine philanthropy in a safe and secure environment using blockchain technology and Web 3.0. Join POP Missions on twitter and here, where anyone can post a need and anyone can be a philanthropist. Help spread acts of kindness and receive acts of kindness in a genuine manner. Our Social Media will expand constantly as we decentralize philanthropy for the greater good!

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Top Partners

We make a difference in the lives of people during a very traumatic time in their life. Meeting their medical transport needs eases their burden.

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our economics are “tokenomics” so you’ll want to join in for free!

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We are a team of like minded individuals everywhere, find us throughout many social media platforms and websites. Start connecting with us below: