About James

James Tylee has been a Pioneer in Emerging Technologies for the past 20 years.

James Tylee has been a Pioneer in Emerging Technologies for the past 20 years. From the beginning, he assisted the IETF in creating VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). This is currently deemed one of the fastest network redundancy systems in use today. Spending seven years at Bloomberg LP in Manhattan, James quickly maintained the 200,000+ Professional Service Terminal System consisting of an eight-man escalated team on a global level. In 2006, James created the very first IOI FIX Protocol Service Bureau for Bear Sterns when he was told “it couldn’t be done.”

In 2008, James connected Merrill Lynch into Brazil’s Bovespa System creating America’s first access to Brazil for Electronic Algorithmic Stock Trading by utilizing FIX Protocol. Bovespa Holding owns the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. Reuters has cited that Bank of America’s decision to purchase Merrill Lynch, in September of 2008, to be based on the access Merrill now has to Brazil.

As the Technical Operations Manager at IGC Inc. for four years, James introduced Fix Protocol via Rest / JSON API for multiple Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchanges that trade Bitcoin and currencies. He also oversaw AWS and Google Cloud development for customer teams, hired oversea contractors for design, QA, and rollout of three different iOS & Android Mobile applications. James is deemed a Subject Matter Expert in Fix Protocol versions 4.0 and 4.2, heavily concentrated in Equities Technology and High Frequency Trading.

Since 2011 and through today, James has consulted and managed for five separate Fortune 500 firms. James has created cloud infrastructure that combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge data science and analytics acumen to create efficient, productive and reliable digital ecosystems. Only top C-Level Executives reach out routinely for James’ solutions to Disaster Recovery, Continuous Improvement and Foundational expertise.

Finally, James has an extensive, proven track-record in successfully managing multimillion-dollar environment roll-outs to disparate electronic stock trading investment firms. Backgrounds include launching a high-productivity expert support team, increasing revenue and achieving unit profitability at these companies. He has created leading technology and feature-rich product releases to meet SDLC demands. He’s a critical thinker who can apply extensive industry knowledge to profitable vendor partnerships. He also expertly directs development, technology integration, and customer demands. James is a blockchain expert, serving as an advisor to many companies utilizing blockchain platforms.