About POP Missions

POP Missions Background
Our “grassroots fix” to #Philanthropy using Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0.

POP Missions is designed and utilized by everyone involved. Truly decentralizing electronic Philanthropy using exchanges in multiple forms, such as Peer To Peer. Everyone who becomes a part of POP Missions is a CoFounder of POP Missions.

Bill Pulte and #TwitterPhilanthropy came on scene in the Twitter world like a wildfire.

While Pulte was gaining fame, notoriety and followers, the #TwitterPhilanthropy movement cheapened to a bloody battle over money! Immediately demanding the need for decentralization.

Scam after scam surfaced, taking many followers down a never-ending rabbit hole to uncover them. This exhausted and frustrated Twitter users and even resulted in Twitter suspensions for those who spoke out.

One being James Tylee who used his 7 day suspension for brainstorming, initiating a “grass roots” effort, he built a network to decentralize philanthropy using blockchain technology. This is POP Missions.

This campaign will show the world how to use blockchain technology with #Philanthropy, in turn making electronic transactions around “giving” honest and transparent. [Peer to Peer (P2P) financial giving, with no vetting, no human emotion, and insuring everyone who joins in is equal!]

Read more about James here. This will be the only link to James on this site.